Quote du jour

From the opening monologue on yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh Show:

When there is unrest in the Middle East, who does Obama back? He backs the Islamic faction. … When there’s unrest at home, who does Obama back? He backs the most radical leftist factions. In Egypt, the secular military took out the Muslim Brotherhood; Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood. In Iran, the Iranian people rose up in what was called a Green Revolution. Obama backed the mullahs and then made a nuclear deal with them, granting them $150 billion of unfrozen assets via the end of sanctions and the green light to developing nuclear weapons. … Here at home, Obama always sides with the most radical leftists. Black Lives Matter over the cops. Occupy Wall Street over the Tea Party. Illegal immigrants over citizens. Refugees over citizens. Planned Parenthood’s baby butchers over the rule of law. Bureaucrats over doctors. Teachers unions over students. We’re dealing here with a guy who is a radical leftist, divisive by choice.



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