For truth’s sake (3 John 1:8-14)

This book was meant to be preached in sermon form. It draws a distinction between those members God brings to a church and those whom the devil puts in a church. He’ll do whatever he has to do to keep the kingdom of God from advancing. Gaius received people into the church. Diotrephes was a church leader who really had no business being in a church. No church can move forward without servants and volunteers.

1. A “fellow helper” to the truth is the greatest asset a church can have.

2. There are specific traits of a church trouble maker. You are the common denominator in every church you visit. If you have trouble in a multitude of churches, chances are it’s you. There are 7 characteristics of a church trouble maker:

  • They love to be seen by others.
  • They are jealous of other people’s gifts and talents.
  • They have trouble with authority.
  • They have a vicious mouth that seeks to destroy others.
  • They have a judgmental spirit and lack mercy for others.
  • They hate church growth and will always hinder it.
  • They usually end up in Hell because they aren’t even saved.

Be like Demetrius, who had something good to say about everyone.

3. Biblical friendship is a lifelong bond that brings fulfillment, fellowship and faithfulness. It is not good for man to be alone. Acquaintances are good, but what we really need are friends. The greatest friends we have are the ones we worship and serve with. The local church is where we cultivate friendships.

“You are stuck with me and we’re going to grow old together and we’re going to do something in this community that only God can do.” — Pastor Greg Locke to GVBC congregation at the conclusion of his message


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