Guns, God, gays

Former Speaker of the House and current dingbat Nancy Pelosi recently blamed Hillary Clinton’s sluggish polling data on uneducated white males who vote on guns, God & gays. Specifically, Rep. Pelosi remarked “I think that, so many times, white — non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s, God being the woman’s right to choose.”

First, I and many others have noted that abortion is the sacrament of the Democrat Party. Rep. Pelosi confirms this. A woman’s right to choose really is part of their religion.

Second, rather than get outraged over Rep. Pelosi’s comments, there’s a different way to look at this. It’s projection. So much of liberalism is projection, and Rep. Pelosi is projecting her own values onto white Republican men. You see, it’s liberals who vote on guns, God & gays.

1. Guns. Liberal Democrats are salivating over abolishing the Second Amendment. They’d do it tomorrow if they could. Their crosshairs are firmly fixed on Americans’ right to bear arms.

2. God. As a Republican voter this year, I’m not casting a vote for Priest-in-Chief. I’m not looking for a president who will proselytize on behalf of the Christian faith. I’m looking for a president who will leave individuals and churches alone to worship the way we want and stay out of our way. On the other hand, government is god to a leftist. Their agenda is godlessness/atheism, which will create a void to be filled by government.

3. Gays. Again, as a GOP voter in 2016, gays are the furthest thing from my mind. We have gay marriage now, so what else is there? Indeed, I submit to you that the Democrat Party is NOT the party of gays. Conservatives are more of a friend to gays than Democrats. Yes, I am accusing the Democrats of being anti-gay. How can this be? Think last month to Orlando when a jihadist opened fire at a gay nightclub and killed 49 people. This put leftists in the awkward position of having to choose between gays and jihadists. I’m sorry to say, homosexuals, but you lost. You are beneath jihadists on the left’s list of protected groups. Islamists are no friend to gays. They execute homosexuals in Muslim nations. Our nominee, Donald Trump, will attack jihadists. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee, won’t even call them who they are.

Also, given the increased threat to gays in the wake of Orlando, homosexuals, in increasing numbers, must feel the need to arm themselves for self-defense. Democrats don’t want them armed. They want to do away with the Second Amendment. They do not want homosexuals to have the right to bear arms. This is also where conservatives are their friends. We want to preserve that right for everyone.

So when Rep. Pelosi accuses uneducated white males of voting for guns, God & gays, this is actually what she and her like-minded ideologues are doing. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against guns, against God, and, yes, against gays.


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