We Trump voters are going to have to toughen up even more

The next 3 months, from now until Election Day, are going to be the hardest we’ve ever faced politically. And by “we,” I’m talking us patriots.

For the past eight years, our great nation has been run by despots, spoiled adolescents, professional politicians who despise the country as it was founded, liars, cheats, thugs, and that’s the short list.

We are governed by conniving con men who inhabit an alternate world inside the Beltway. We are lied to by a media populated by sycophants who are ignorant and not the least bit curious. Those in positions of power and influence are not as smart as us, nor as resourcesful, nor as moral.

We are routinely told that up is down and down is up. Immorality is moral and morality is immoral. Right is wrong and wrong is right. The truth is maligned, misshapen, hidden, forbidden, lied about, covered up, and ignored. In its place are illusions we are told to believe. Fabrications are presented as fact. Nothing, it seems, is real anymore.

Too many Americans carry out a superficial, pop culture existence, are told they are victims of something or someone, believe what they are told to believe, and don’t have the discernment to filter out the noise. One can only hope we still outnumber these “low-information voters.”

Donald Trump is the one man in this election who is speaking truth and common sense. For this, he is maligned daily, even by members and pundits of his own party. A generation ago, he would have been considered mainstream. Today he is considered a monster by an establishment & ruling class that never leaves the Beltway.

The adolescents who are running the country and fighting to maintain control are frightened. They tell us that Donald Trump is unfit for office, or worse. Fact is, he’s the only one who is fit for office. Their accusations are simply projection. The Obama-Clinton regime is unfit for office. It is dangerous. It doesn’t have the temperament. Everything they accuse Trump of is what they are guilty of themselves.

The media and Democrats are scared of Donald Trump not because of what he might to the country, but because of what he might do to them and the liberal agenda. The last eight years will be exposed and laid bare, much of Obama’s agenda will be rolled back. Many freedoms will be restored. America will indeed find itself on the road back to greatness, and Democrats won’t have anything to do with it.

Hillary Clinton is an incredibly weak candidate. The Democrats & media know this, which is why they cannot build up Hillary. Instead, they have to attempt to destroy Trump. They are going to fight like crazy to maintain the reigns of power. They will not give up control easily. It will have to be forcibly removed from these despots. That’s the way despots operate.

This is why I voted for Trump. It is going to take an incredibly durable candidate to withstand these attacks and maintain the offensive. There’s not another Republican who could withstand the attacks Trump is going to be dealt.

They are going to do everything they can to separate us from our candidate. Don’t let them. Every time they lie about our candidate, every time they malign, every time they get preachy, remind yourself they are scared. They are not as smart as we are, so don’t let them inside your head.

Just know we are going to see and hear media bias like we’ve never seen and heard it before. We are going to see an outgoing president more petulant and small and scared and narcissistic than we’ve ever seen a U.S. president. And we’re going to see a Democrat candidate for high office lie like we’ve never seen a politician lie before. It’s going to be ugly. It’s going to require fortitude.

Democrats always cheat in elections, and this will be no different. So let’s give Trump enough of a buffer to offset the cheating and still give him a landslide victory in November.

Build that wall, lock her up, and make America great again. If he wins, America survives. If she wins, America as we have always known it is probably gone forever. This election means everything.


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