Things I am enjoying this summer

For some reason, the summer of 2016 is my favorite summer in memory. I can’t quite pinpoint why. All I can do is make a list of things I have enjoyed this season.

1. Long days. Unfortunately, we have reached that point when the days are growing shorter again, but I do love the early sunrises and late sunsets. I wish we could have them year-round.

2. Spending time in the hammock. No matter how hot it is in the sun, it always feels comfortable in the shade.

3. Running 5K’s. Running in the heat is difficult, and I am restricted almost exclusively to 5K’s this time of year. But I have run a lot of 5K’s. My overall mileage has not suffered.

4. Visiting First Tennessee Park for the first time. Last year I did not go to a Sounds game, so I had to wait until this year to see the new ballpark. It is indeed an impressive structure.

5. Trying new recipes. We have debuted a number of new dishes to the family menu.

6. No vacation. This may seem like a strike against my summer, but I have not missed traveling. We did drive to Memphis last month, but it was a brief trip. And we drove to Centerville at the end of June to take the 18-year-old to Frosh Camp. I took off the last week of June from work. It was already wedged between a pair of three-day weekends, giving me 11 straight days off, and it was glorious.

7. Church. Our pastor has been knocking it out of the park, Global Vision Bible Church has been packed, and I am enjoying my position on the Media Team operating the A/V equipment. Church is only a mile from home, so the commute is negligible.

8. Good books. Here lately, I have been reading books written by (or about) hikers who have tackled the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. I’ve also been reading Shelby Foote’s massive Civil Way history.

9. The heat does not bother me. When I was younger, I hated the summer heat and preferred winter cold. Now that I am older, I abhor the winter cold and prefer summer heat. I’ve spent a good deal of time outdoors doing one thing or another.

10. Preparing to ship the 18-year-old off to college. I’m sure it will be hard when it happens. But it must happen.


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