A day trip to Grundy County, Tennessee

Today I made a job-related drive to Grundy County, Tennessee, a sparsely-populated county situated mostly atop the Cumberland Plateau. Located between Nashville and Chattanooga, I-24 just grazes the northwest corner of the county. The rest is covered by narrow, twisted highways. It is a scenic place, but driving is slow and sometimes dangerous. In winter weather, forget it.

I entered the county via Highway 41 after leaving I-24 at Manchester. Highway 41 takes you up the escarpment to Monteagle. From there, I followed the same highway to Tracy City, then turned north on Highway 56 toward Coalmont, where I had my appointment. Afterwards, I stayed on Highway 56 through Altamont, Beersheeba Springs, then back down the escarpment to Tarlton, then it was on to McMinnville and eventually home. (Whenever possible, I take different routes to and from a destination.)

Grundy County is quite possibly the poorest county in Middle Tennessee. You won’t find much white privilege happening there. Still, the people there are always friendly, and there are enough natural wonders to remind a person that this is part of God’s country.

Barn located on Highway 41 between Pelham and Monteagle. The escarpment leading up the plateau can be seen in the background.
A very sanitized replica of an early settler’s cabin found at the South Cumberland State Park between Monteagle and Tracy City
Cross-section of a very old tree on display at the state park
Looking inside the same cabin shown above
Hines Pond in Tracy City
American flag flying in front of the Coalmont Fire Department
Grace Community Methodist Church (and cemetery) in Beersheeba Springs
Same as above
A cluster of crepe myrtles growing near King Cemetery in Tarlton
King Cemetery in Tarlton. Again, the plateau can be seen in the background. (Yes, someone has a Vol flag on his grave.)
Vintage homestead situated along Highway 56 in Tarlton


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