Let my people go

I had no idea that ISIS had its own magazine until yesterday, when I discovered that the Muslim jihadist organization announced it would have comtinued the slave trade that the U.S. eschewed more than 150 years ago.

If Muslims rather than Christians had been running things in countries like the U.S., the Islamic State argues in the most recent issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, “the lucrative African slave trade would have continued, supporting a strong economy.”

As usual, the Islamic State supports its position with theological arguments, suggesting that Allah is pleased with slavery, as long as the slaves are infidels.

This may seem like one of those rock-and-a-hard place moments for the Democrats. I mean, how can they continue to coddle and enable ISIS while also coddling and enabling #BlackLivesMatter? It’s actually quite easy. Both are terrorist groups. One targets infidels, the other targets blue lives. The Democrats have been the party of slavery since their inception, and the more we learn about ISIS and militant Islam, the more consistencies we find between them and the Democrat Party.


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