Broken but remade, part two (1 Samuel 30:1-20)

Last week God really ministered to our hearts at Global Vision Bible Church. It was more than just hearing the word. This week we’ll pick up the second part of the same Scripture passage. The worst attacks the devil can make against us involve attacks on our families. Before God takes us to great levels of abundance, He will take us through great depths of brokenness. In the midst of great despair, we are told that King David “encouraged himself” in the Lord his God.

1. You can’t always depend on others to bring you the strength and joy that you need. When it’s dark and we are distressed, we have to know how to encourage ourselves in the Lord. It is not wrong to be discouraged, but it is wrong to stay there. Our spiritual joy cannot come from another person, but only from God. How do we do this?

  • Pray the Scriptures.
  • Sing out loud.
  • Go on a praise-fest.

David even asked for the Scripture to be brought to him. From this, he determined to pursue the Amelikites.

2. We must learn to seek the wisdom and favor of God during times of tough decisions. We must inquire of the Lord our God which direction we should take. Too often, we make decisions without ever having inquired of God. Lean not on your own understanding. There is always a principle in the Bible that illustrates what we must do. Every day when we need something from God there is an answer in the Bible.

David encountered an Egyptian slave of the Amelikites who had been left for dead in the desert who pointed the Isrealites in the right direction and they recovered everyone who had been taken from them.

3. God always restores what the enemy has stolen. He can give us back years of our lives that we have squandered away. When one person leaves the church others come in. When all seems lost, God can make it right. Be patient and wait and inquire of the Lord.


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