Overuse of the word “right”

Something I’ve noticed just within the last year is how those who are younger than me (especially millennials) overuse the word “right.” I’m not saying this as a putdown or a source of ridicule, it’s just one of those generational quirks I have observed.

I noticed this first at work, since we have recently added several new co-workers who are many years younger than me. They don’t all do it, but some do.

For example, I’ll make some remark, such as “I can’t wait for this pattern to change. I’m getting tired of working storms every afternoon.” And the answer I’ll get is, “I know, right?”

I also noticed this quirk back in May, when we took our high school graduate to the University of Memphis for new student/new parent orientation. Many of the tours & seminars were either led by current students or at least involved current students.

You could ask them a question such as, “How often did you find yourself going home to visit during your freshman year?” And the answer would come back, “Right, so I’d probably go home maybe once a month. Now it’s maybe once or twice a semester.”

Again, we all have our quirks. My generation overused the word “like,” as in, “I was doing, like, 55 in a 30, and the cop let me off with just a warning.”


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