When hedonism obfuscates reality

New York City now has 31 gender identities a person can choose from. That’s as many flavors as Baskin Robbins. Thirty-one gender identities. I’m an intelligent person with a college degree and 46 years of experience living on this planet, and I can only come up with two.

I’ve made the point on this blog before that the left is and has for decades been at war with biology and human nature. First it was feminists who insisted that there is no inherent difference between men and women. Then it was the gay BLT activists who told us there’s nothing wrong with man marrying man and woman marrying woman. So same-sex marriage is legal now. With that out of the way, transgenderism and gender confusion are all the rage.

Folks, the more the left tries to tinker with biology and human nature, the more frustrated and angry they become, and as their frustration and anger increase, so do their fruitcake ideas. We are now at the point where they have constructed 31 gender flavors (at least), when any five-year-old can truthfully tell you there are only two.

What seems to have happened is that the left is confused about gender confusion. A person’s lifestyle choices do not alter biology. And biologically, we were created male and female. I honestly believe the promotion of LGBT’s and the gender confused as victim groups has increased the number of Americans who identify as such when they may or not actually be. Not until the last few years of our country’s history has any of this even been an issue, which suggests the number of gay BLT’s wanting to marry and the number of people confused about their gender were much smaller until they were suddenly transmogrified into victim groups. The left divides us into categories and sub-categories, and creates and coddles victim groups. Some Americans, for whatever reason, want to be thought of as victims and coddled. And so, we have 31+ gender identities, which aren’t genders at all, but simply lifestyle choices.


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