Re-introducing truth into the American vernacular

Donald Trump finds himself embroiled in some controversy almost daily because of things he says. (If only the media got half as worked up over the things Hillary Clinton actually did.) At any rate, what about the outrageous things The Donald says? I mean, it’s outrageous. For example, just a couple of days ago, Trump actually said Barack Obama created ISIS. Not only did he say it once, he repeated it, so it was no accident.

Except what Donald Trump said has an element of truth to it. He was right to finger the president as an enabler, because the president is an enabler. You see, Donald Trump finds himself embroiled in controversy because he is doing something that really no one on the national stage does anymore: he is speaking the truth. It’s so novel that the Democrats and media find it highly controversial. As my pastor says often, the truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

We are living out the novel Atlas Shrugged. It is no longer some dystopian prophecy. It is actually unfolding right in front of us, and has been for the last eight years. I’m talking about the duplicity coming from the White House, the Democrat Party, the media, and a healthy number of establishment Republicans. We are told by the people we elect to office that what is bad is good and what’s good is bad, we are told that up is down, down is up, north is south, east is west. We are told that we don’t see and hear what we really do see and hear. Most everything on the political and economic landscape is a mirage. Reality doesn’t exist anymore.

So along comes a guy named Donald Trump. He is telling the voters the truth — the truth about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the truth about ISIS and militant Islam, the truth about illegal immigration, the truth about our nuclear deal with Iran, the truth about our anemic economy and lack of job growth, the truth about what will happen to the Second Amendment should HRC be elected, the truth about HRC’s email scandal, Benghazi, her selling access to foreign nations, and I could go on. For telling us the truth, The Donald is assaulted daily. He is John Galt — a high achiever who becomes an enemy of the statists because he tells the truth.

The truth has become politically incorrect. The truth is mocked and scorned and derided and called a lie. The truth offends those on the left and those whose power in Washington has become entrenched. Donald Trump promises to undo so much damage that has been done, and is therefore a threat to statists.

Let us make America great again.

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