How important is it that our president be a Christian?

I stumbled upon a web article this weekend that tosses around “The Problem with Voting for the ‘Most Christian’ Candidate.” It’s not a long article, but clincher for me comes in the following paragraph:

As an American, I have the civic responsibility and honor to take part in the political process. As a Christian, I need to remember that my faith and hope does not lie in the kingdoms of man. While Christians can certainly run for public office, I’m under no obligation to vote for them. My goal is to elect leaders with foreign and domestic policies that make the most sense to me. Otherwise, I am at the mercy of any wolf that’s dressed up like a sheep.

This is actually a topic I’ve thought about quite a lot this campaign season, and I’m totally on board with this author’s reasoning. It has become less important to me that the president be a born-again Christian. Granted, I hope he is for his sake, but in the end, I’m not voting for a priest or a preacher or a proselytizer. I’m voting for a president.

My goal for any president is simple: defend the country and defend the Constitution. The United States is in a mess. The current president claims to be a Christian (ahem), but he’s also a socialist and a despot who does not respect the founding of this great nation and does not respect the rule of law. Indeed, the Constitution is only as strong as the men and women we elect to office. It has been violated so thoroughly that our government bears very little resemblance to what the Founders envisioned. We’d have far fewer problems had we stuck to the letter of the Constitution. But we have come to look to government to solve every problem. As Ronald Reagan remarked, government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

The Constitution recognizes broad individual liberty and broad religious freedom. Both have been severely curtailed because the Constitution has been routinely ignored and misinterpreted. In fact, we have a major party candidate for high office who says our religious beliefs have to be changed. Excuse me? That’s not the role of any elected official.

The best thing a president can do is leave us alone. Leave the people alone, leave the individual states alone, and leave the church alone. When the church is left alone, it has the opportunity to flourish. Carrying out the gospel is our job in the church, not the president’s. Therefore, I don’t want someone meddlesome in the White House, Christian or not. Just stay out of the way please and let us exercise our God-given liberties.

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