What’s in it for them?

We are told that Hillary Clinton has spent her lifetime in public service. This is a farce. A more accurate statement would be Hillary Clinton has spent her lifetime in self-service. You see, to say that someone is dedicated to genuine public service implies a certain measure of sacrifice. But the Clintons have sacrificed nothing. They have become incredibly wealthy selling access to themselves. They have sought and achieved positions of power in government and turned those positions into tools for enrichment. They are political prostitutes. Hillary Clinton has therefore achieved wealth not by creating things. She has never built anything nor created a single job, other than government jobs. She and her husband founded the Clinton Foundation (dubbed the Clinton Crime Family Foundation), billed as a charity that, in reality, turns very little of its revenue over to charity. Bill and Hillary are the chief benefactors. It is safe to say that Hillary Clinton is seeking high office not out of some noble sense of duty, but to enrich herself with money and power. That’s what’s in it for her.

Donald Trump is wealthy far beyond anything the Clintons could ever dream of. But he achieved his wealth by building companies and creating jobs. I wouldn’t classify him as a public servant, but because of his job creation, he has been a far greater public servant than the self-serving Clintons. I’m not sure who will run his companies when he is elected president, but I’m sure he’s already thought that through. He is campaigning for a job that pays $400,000 a year. I have no idea what The Donald makes in a year, but I’m sure there have been times he has earned $400,000 in a single day. So the job of POTUS will represent a significant pay cut. Granted, the office of president comes with its own trappings and luxuries, but The Donald already enjoys that kind of lifestyle, so he can’t possibly be seeking high office to enrich himself. Part of his desire to be elected POTUS is probably the prestige. He will become the de facto leader of the free world, and just the 45th person to wear the title. But mostly, I honestly do believe he wants to be president out of a sense of honor and duty. Unlike his opponent, he really does love the country and is dismayed by what we have become. He believes he can fix it. He really does want to make America great again.


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