Monday morning musings

In four days we move the 18-year-old to the University of Memphis. To quote Rush in its 1987 song Time Stand Still, “Summer’s going fast/Nights growing colder/Children growing up/Old friends growing older.”

It may not seem like it, but God is very much in control. It may seem like the devil is winning the day, but he is defeated in the end. Be sure you’re on the right side.

Black people are killing each other in our cities and destroying their own neighborhoods. It’s not the fault of the police, either. They’re doing it to themselves. What has President Obama done for the African-American community in eight years? Absolutely nothing. In fact, he has had a negative impact. They’re worse off than they were eight years ago. The evidence is all around us.

A couple of days ago I was walking the dog and noticed several different cirrus cloud formations all at once. They were perhaps 25-30,000 feet above ground. They are made entirely of ice. (See photo below.)

The NFL has become so politicized that I care little about it anymore. The last straw occurred last week when the league told the Dallas Cowboys they couldn’t wear helmet decals honoring the Dallas policemen who were murdered last month by #BLM shooters. But some players were allowed to honor the false “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative. It has become a leftist organization rife with political correctness.

Note to fake panhandlers: Do yourself a favor and don’t smoke cigarettes while asking for other people’s money. Smoking while begging pretty much defeats your cause. Do not beg and smoke.

Two things I would like to see re-introduced into football are clothesline tackling and raucous end zone celebrations.

I’m not getting my hopes up that the University of Memphis will be accepted into the Big 12. Should a literal miracle occur, it would be the biggest thing to ever happen to the school. But we’ve historically been on the outside looking in.

There are actually people out there who make it a goal (and succeed) to reduce their number of possessions to fewer than 100. While that’s a bit extreme for me, we did unload four additional trash bags full of stuff last week, two to Goodwill and two to the dumpster. After the 18-year-old moves away, we’re going through every room looking for more things to purge. It has been a two-year endeavor. We have removed many carloads of unused, unneeded possessions from our home already.

We recently cut up our last credit card and only use a check card now. It is very liberating not having a credit card. I don’t care what rewards programs they offer. It’s not worth it. (Note to 18-year-old: Do yourself a favor and toss all credit card offers directly into the trash.)

Our dog is about to turn 10. He has epilepsy. He’s going to end up like one of these Alzeimers patients whose mind is completely shot but the body is completely healthy. Strange dog.

My favorite soft drink is diet A&W root beer. I stick to diet because I’m afraid that if I drank the real stuff I might actually wind up enebriated.


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