BLM protesters are tools

Last night Black Lives Matter staged a protest at Graceland in Memphis. There were only about 100 BLM protesters, which is a little disappointing given that this is Memphis we’re talking about. I was expecting a lot more. At any rate, BLM chose an evening they knew would be busy. You see, it’s the anniversary of Elvis’ death, which typically brings a surge of Elvis fans to Graceland.

There were only three arrests.

Rush Limbaugh has said BLM is really nothing more than the latest incarnation of the Occupy Wall Street movement from a few years ago, and I’m beginning to understand why. Consider this:

However, on Facebook last week, the Memphis Coalition of Concerned Citizens — one of the groups that announced it would participate in the Graceland protest — posted that it had “no issue with Elvis nor his fans.”

“Our issue is with the money hoarders in this city who make millions and pay poverty wages to their workers,” the coalition posted. “Memphis is consistently at the top of the list of poorest cities in the United States of America.”

You see, nowhere does the group mention race or police brutality. It’s about socialism, which was the same tripe being spread by OWS. If this seems confusing, it shouldn’t. Remember that liberals are liberals first. By this, I mean that BLM might claim to represent black lives, but in the end it’s just another left wing organization designed to spread class warfare and wealth redistribution.

A couple of things I would point out to the MCCC regarding the apparent wealth disparity. First, who has been president for the last eight years? Didn’t he say he was going to eradicate, or at least lessen wealth disparity?

Second, which political party runs Memphis? Black voters have been voting Democrat as a block since when? Have things ever gotten better? No? And they won’t as long as you keep putting Democrats in charge of city government. None of your grievances will ever be resolved.

If the African-American community seriously wants to improve its lot, then let’s take some advice from Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke. Stop voting Democrat. Stop looking to government to be the father of your children. Stop having children out of wedlock. Get married first, and then stay married. Get an education. Obey the law. Stop blaming others for your place in life. You see, these are the things successful people do. And it’s really not all that hard. You just have to make better choices.

Of course, changing hearts and minds within the African-American community cannot take place from the outside. It has to happen from within. That means leaders within the black community have to assume leadership. I know there are some out there who are genuinely trying, but more are needed. Unfortunately, the most prominent black leaders, like the despicable reverends, Louis Farrakhan, and I would even include Barack Obama, have too much invested in victimhood and perpetual grievance to make any sort of positive difference. And this is perhaps the cruelest twist of all.


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