What if there were no “Bible” in Global Vision Bible Church?

There are some 200M Christians in Africa who do not own a copy of the word of God. What about the ones who do not have access to the authority of the Bible?

We American Christians typically have several copies of the Bible: paper copies, on our phones, on our computers, etc. We have easy access to this authority to base our faith on. Yet there are pastors in Africa who do not own a copy.

Global Vision Bible Church is therefore raising money to purchase Bibles for African Christians who do not have their own copy yet. We aren’t going to purchase 200M of them, but we are going to purchase as many as we can for $5 each. This means $20 will buy four Bibles. A hundred dollars will by 20, and so on.

The Apostle Paul wrote from a jail cell that we believers are to give sacrificially to aid the work of Christ. There may be a church with 500 members with only ten copies of the Bible. Sometimes they will each take individual pages from the Bible home with them and memorize them front and back. They will go to great lengths to own a copy.

Many times we are told in Scripture, “It is written…,” “It is written…,” “It is written….” Indeed, the written word of God is incredibly powerful.

Pastor Greg Locke at GVBC is doing something extraordinary later this month to raise money for this cause. You can find out about it here.


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