Oh whale! (Jonah 1:4-6)

Like we always do at Global Vision Bible Church, we are going through the book of Jonah, located in the prophet section of the Bible, expositionally. This means we take the Scripture one verse at a time. Last week, we covered the first 3 verses of Jonah. Tonight, we’ll cover the next 3 verses.

As a recap, judgement may be delayed, but judgement will come.

Jonah paid actual money to run a thousand miles in a direction opposite from where God instructed him to go. But with or without us, God’s work is going to get done. We will not stop the process of the kingdom of God.

1. God knows how to get our attention. In Jonah’s case, He brought about a storm at sea to almost sink the ship on which Jonah was a passenger. Likewise, much of the stress we face in our lives is because of our disobedience to God. Yet we often blame God for the results of our own disobedience. In His grace, He knows how to wake us up. Sometimes it only takes a word or a message in church when it seems the pastor is literally preaching directly to us.

God knows what we love most. He knows who we love most. He knows what touches our hearts. He knows that if we persist in our sin it will be far worse than any attention-getting method He uses.

Jonah was the only believer on the boat. The other men aboard were pagans. They called out to their gods, who were obviously powerless against the storm, and so they began tossing cargo overboard. Yet the lighter the boat became, the heavier God’s hand of judgement became.

2. The world is longing for a “god” they don’t know and always settle for what is logical. This is why man turns to science and evolution. They worship the created more than the Creator. But the heavens declare the glory of God. Indeed, only Jesus can bring about the satisfaction we desire. The world is looking for something and they don’t know what it is.

One thing that cannot be denied or refuted is what God has done for each of us individually in our own hearts.

The fact that Jonah “went down” into the boat to rest during the storm is symbolic of his life at that moment.

3. Disobedient people are filled with selfishness. Even many pastors are selfish and disobedient because they are afraid to preach the truth. When we tell God “no” we will hurt the ones around us. There are no justifiable reasons for disobeying God.

Even the pagan ship captain knew who Jonah was, why he was there, and who his God was because he asked the prophet to call upon his God to save them from the storm.

4. Resentment and rebuke from lost people are the results of our poor testimony. When the world has the right to rebuke us, it is because we are poor witnesses. The world is sometimes correct in its assessment of us believers. If we aren’t different from the world how can we reach the world? When we face trials we ought not fall apart like lost people.


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