If Hillary Clinton were a Republican…

If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, her dereliction of duty over Benghazi would have been cast in its proper light. She was responsible for 4 dead Americans. The lie she perpetuated about a YouTube video being the cause would have been exposed. (And I still believe there was something far deeper, more sinister about Benghazi than what we’ve been told.)

If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, the Clinton (Crime Family) Foundation would have been exposed as a money-laundering fraud from which the Clintons have become incredibly wealthy by using the foundation as a front for its pay-for-play schemes.

If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, her use of a private email server for State Department business would have been properly investigated. She would have been prosecuted for trafficking in classified information.

If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, all the individuals who the Clintons knew who have mysteriously died would have been thoroughly investigated by the mainstream media. The opposition party would have destroyed the Clintons over this alone.

If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, she wouldn’t be running for president. The GOP would never have nominated her. Instead, she’d be incarcerated, and for good cause.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other examples of Clinton corruption, and there is most likely a great deal we do not know. Chances are, the tentacles of the Clintons’ depravity reach far deeper than even her skeptics realize. That this woman is so close to the presidency is indeed a frightening spectacle.

If you don’t like Donald Trump because of the things he has said, what about the things Hillary Clinton has done (and promises to do)? If you say you love the country, but also consider yourself #NeverTrump, then I question your judgement. Look, I voted for GOP candidates in 2008 & 2012 I did not care for. But I voted for them anyway because the alternative was unacceptable. You can do the same in 2016.


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