Taking stock near the end of August

Autumn is only four weeks away but it still feels every bit like summer. I’ve enjoyed this summer like no other in memory, but I am looking forward to cooler weather only because it makes for better running. I’m still stuck running mostly 5K’s, and sometimes even those are a struggle in the heat & humidity.

The nest has been empty for eight days now. The 18-year-old is more than 200 miles away at the University of Memphis. I have quickly grown accustomed to my diminishing responsibilities.

Reading: And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie. It’s my first Agatha Christie novel.

Listening: Snakes & Arrows: Live, by Rush. Also listened to some Ricky Skaggs this morning.

Eating: My wife and I are trying the South Beach diet. I’m not trying to lose weight, but I am cutting down on red meat and fried foods, and this seems a good way to do it.

Anticipating: The first Memphis football game is one week from today. Lord willing, I’ll be there. The only difference is, the 18-year-old won’t be sitting with me. He’ll be in the student section.

Uncluttering: Two days ago, I took another trunkload of excess to Goodwill, and am boxing up more excess for another donation early next week. You’d think after almost two years of getting rid of excess and buying as little as possible, we’d be finished by now, but no.

Wondering: Will Paxton Lynch succeed in the NFL? Am I about to become a Denver Broncos fan?

Wishing: The Chicago Cubs would win the World Series this October. My beloved Phillies still aren’t any good.

Volunteering: I very much enjoy operating the A/V equipment at church. We have a burgeoning online ministry at the Global Vision Bible Church and I actually feel useful.


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