Game day!

I’m sitting in the Liberty Bowl with my wife for the first game of the 2016 football season. It’s the Memphis Tigers vs. Southeast Missouri St. We are expecting a crowd of around 40,000, which isn’t a bad figure considering the low-key opponent. It’s a little different now. The 18-year-old is in the student section starting this year.

The University of Memphis isn’t going to be invited to the Big 12. It turns out we weren’t even close. I wasn’t surprised. I predicted this a few weeks ago. It’s okay. We’ve always been on the outside looking in: both the city and the university.

But it doesn’t matter today. We have a new coach and a new quarterback and an upgraded Liberty Bowl and the city is excited for these Tigers.

We are who we are. Most of us are comfortable in our own skin supporting our own school in our own city. Nothing has ever come easy here. That’s why we say it’s “Memphis vs. Errrbody.”

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