But…Noah (Genesis 6:1-9)

It seems that everything we see around us is negative. There’s hardly any good news. We know that the world will continue to decline until the second Adam (Christ).

Noah was incredibly old, and when you go through his genealogy, we find many generations of his family who also lived for many centuries. It was a primitive time, yet they were already advancing society. Imagine the level of wisdom one could accumulate in 600 or 800 years of living.

There is some debate as to the nature of the Nephilim (giants).

We are told that every thought in the minds of men in that age was perverse. (And we think we are more perverted today than ever before.) Indeed, God was sorry that He had even created man. Noah was the one individual who stood out, who had found grace in the eyes of God.

Noah did as he was commanded. He began construction on the ark, and was subjected to much ridicule.

It seems as though we live in a society where there is evil continually. The one thing that gives us hope when we put ourselves in the situation of Noah is that he found grace in the eyes of God, even when he found such disfavor with the world.

Put into today’s vernacular, insert your name in place of Noah’s, as if God were declaring that you had found grace in His eyes. What if we ignore the ravings of a lost world and seek to find grace in the eyes of God? Will we continue to be steadfast and obedient to God?

What are we doing in our lives that makes us stand out? We know that we will be ridiculed if we stand apart for the sake of righteousness. What in our lives is our “ark?”


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