Two years of streaming

Two years ago this month I entered the world of music streaming. In the last two years, I have purchased exactly one CD that I wanted but was unavailable for streaming at the time. I used to purchase new music quite often. Now I just stream whatever I want to listen to. It’s like enjoying permanent residence inside a record store with everything I could ever want made available.

I started off with Spotify, which is a great service. But I switched to Beats Music before my Spotify free trial expired because Apple had just bought Beats, and I had a hunch that Apple would embed the Beats service a little more deeply in its software. I was right. Last July 1, Beats Music became Apple Music, and I have found it to be a wonderful streaming service. I don’t get the complaints. Apple has done a fabulous job with its music service, and it will only get better.

Apple Music offers a 3-month free trial, then you pay $9.99/month for all the music you desire to listen to. You can even download the music files to your app for off-the-grid listening. A few months ago, I upgraded us to the family plan, which costs $14.99/month for up to six users, which is an even greater bargain.

I used to own around 250 CD’s. Over time, I ripped them all and either sold them or gave them away. So now I own no physical music, but still have my own personal music collection, plus Apple Music, available whenever I want. It really is amazing for those of us who don’t mind letting go of our vinyl records or CD’s. Some audiophiles don’t want to relinquish their records or CD’s. For me, the quality of streaming music is so good that I wouldn’t want to go back.

I am always going through Apple Music looking for new things to listen to. It could be a 50-year-old jazz album or a new release. (Anyone who says they don’t make good music anymore isn’t looking very hard. There is some very good music still being made in 2016.) So I find music to listen to on Apple Music that I otherwise wouldn’t ever know about, which is another bonus of using a streaming service.


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