No more intrugue

I attempted to watch an NFL game last night. It was the first regular season game, with the Denver Broncos hosting the Carolina Panthers — a rematch of the Super Bowl. I didn’t find out until less than an hour before the game that there even was a game. The Broncos are Paxton Lynch’s new team, and so I was mildly interested — for a few minutes, anyway.

Paxton didn’t start, so I muted the TV after the first few plays. And then I turned it off altogether, preferring instead the book I was reading to opening night of the NFL.

It turns out that Paxton Lynch never took a snap. The outcome was predictable, with the Broncos coming from behind in the 4th quarter to squeeze out a one-point win. One of the Denver players took a knee during the National Anthem. There was great consternation over a hit to the head taken by Carolina quarterback Cam Newton. Yawn.

The NFL has become reality TV. There are rarely any surprises. It seems that everything is either scripted or predictable. You even have your liberal politics. Indeed, politics has infected the NFL to the point that it isn’t even a game anymore.

Look for players refusing the stand for the National Anthem to be the new thing in 2016. There will be many more. The irony is laughable. We are watching millionaire black players protesting the oppression of blacks in America, and it’s all based on the same faulty premise as Black Lives Matter.

Given the choice of watching professional wrestling or the NFL, I’d choose professional wrestling. At least there’s no pretense about scripting in wrestling. And there’s no politics in wrestling, just flamboyant personalities. It’s a show. It’s entertainment. The NFL has simply turned itself into a political statement. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Sure, NFL players have the right to protest the National Anthem, but only as far as the league or the individual teams allow them to. The employers could demand that their employees show respect during the National Anthem. What about the players’ rights, you ask? Well, what about the Dallas Cowboys’ rights? You see, during the preseason, the NFL forbade the Cowboys from wearing decals on their helmets honoring their city’s police officers who were murdered earlier this summer by a BLM supporter. So please don’t tell us about free speech.

Indeed, the NFL has become so scripted and political that I can’t even see it as a game anymore. College football is much more entertaining, and delivers far greater intrigue. So, I’ll stick with the college game and leave the NFL to its own left-wing devices.


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