Oh whale! (Jonah 2:1-6)

Chapter 2 begins “Now the word of the Lord….” This illustrates that Jonah didn’t just disobey another man. He disobeyed God. Our disobedience affects other people — typically those closest to us — and not just ourselves. God is very much in control in the affairs of humanity. He’s even in control of the chaos and confusion.

Even Christ Himself referred to Jonah being in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights as a reference to His own resurrection. It was while Jonah was in the fish that he prayed, proving that you can literally have revival anywhere.

1. God will always meet you right where you are. It must have seemed to Jonah that God had forsaken him. We all feel this way sometimes, that God is a million miles away. But He customizes His meetings with us. He wants to bathe us in His presence. Jonah compares the belly of the fish to the belly of Hell.

Jonah also acknowledges that God had cast him into the deep, even though it was really the sailors in the boat. Jonah correctly recognizes this as God’s work. In verse 4, Jonah refers to God’s “holy temple.” He writes about his descent into the waters, literally to the bottom.

2. Most of our distress is self-inflicted because of our disobedience. We often blame God for our troubles, but when we do things our own way, we get our own results. God forgives sin, but He doesn’t relieve consequences. It isn’t always easy to obey God, but it is the simplest way to live. The way of the transgressor is hard. We don’t get to blame God just because things don’t turn out the way we think they should.

3. Even at our lowest point, God is able to revive us and bring us to victory. What a confusing time this must have been in Jonah’s life. Yet when he cried out in earnest, God forgave him. He can even use our craziness for our good and His glory.


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