You might be a liberal if…

You fear Muslim backlash after a terrorist attack more than the terrorist attack.

You support free college education for all and student loan forgiveness, but you oppose school choice for low-income minority children trapped in failing public schools.

You’ll protect gay BLT’s from Baptists who disapprove of homosexuality, but not from radical Muslims who want to kill them.

You think the things Donald Trump says about women prove his mysoginy, but Hillary Clinton calling half of Trump supporters “deplorable” doesn’t faze you.

You believe parents who teach their children to handle firearms are irresponsible, but it’s okay for educators to give them condoms at school.

You have no problem with athletes using the NFL to promote left-wing social issues, but resent the “forced patriotism” of honoring the military at sporting events.

You are more concerned about Donald Trump’s personal tax returns, which haven’t harmed anyone, than what’s in Hillary’s emails and the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi.

Killing the unborn is more important to you than protecting Americans from the Zika virus.

You are quick to say NFL players sitting during the National Anthem are exercising their Constitutional right, but you would never acknowledge this about gun owners.


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