The new crisis

If you go to Hillary Clinton’s Twitter, you would think student debt is the most pressing issue facing the nation. In truth, this is a manufactured crisis — one manufactured by Hillary Clinton herself. Madam Clinton doesn’t care about your college debt or your free college education, per se, but she does care about your vote. You see, young adults tend to vote in lesser numbers than their older, more conservative counterparts, so offering a free college education, and debt forgiveness for those who have already attended college, is her way of buying the millennial vote with other people’s money.

Fact is, college is too expensive. And it has become that way for the same reason that medical care has been hyper-inflated. Whenever the government gets involved, as it has done with the student loan program, the free market ceases to exist and prices explode to artificially high levels.

The taxpayers don’t owe anyone a college education. And the taxpayers should not be on the hook to pay off debt that you took on yourself. You made a choice and now it’s up to you to pay.

A person can get a good college education at state universities. I know this because I have a degree from a state university that has served me quite well. I graduated 22 years ago with exactly $1,000 of debt. I went in the Navy before I went to college, signed up for the G.I. Bill, and worked my way through college so I could graduate debt-free (or close to debt-free). Today, you can attend a state university for about the same price that a modest private school will cost you. (Obviously, room & board will add to that, but the tuition rates are similar.) You can also get the Hope Scholarship which will drive down your tuition costs further. (And if you’re even more resourceful, you can apply for other scholarships & grants. There are plenty out there.)

In other words, college is not as expensive as Hillary Clinton makes it out to be. State universities are taxpayer-supported, so the taxpayers are already picking up part of your tab. Now, if you choose to attend a private university at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars annually, you can accrue quite a debt load. But if you choose to do so, that’s totally on you. Whatever you do is your business, but in no way should the taxpayers be expected to pay off your debt.

The ironic part in all this is that the same ones who clamor about the need for free college and student loan forgiveness oppose school choice. For example, if you are a low-income minority trapped in a failing public school, tough luck. You’re stuck there. Democracts oppose school vouchers, which would enable such students to take the money that would be spent on their public education and apply it to a private school somewhere. So the notion that Democrats like Hillary Clinton are somehow pro-education is a farce. They are pro-government. They don’t are about your education. They just want your vote, and if they can bribe you with OPM, then that’s what they’ll do.


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