And how many millions do you make?

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins discusses why his team is planning to protest the National Anthem on Monday Night Football:

For me, it has nothing to do with this country or the flag or the anthem in itself. Really, it’s just to continue to push for the conversation about social injustice. And that’s a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities to education. It’s just a lot of things systematically that have been set up in this country, since its inception that really put minorities, especially African-Americans, at a disadvantage, when you’re talking about quality of life and actually growing in this country.

Don’t you just love it when millionaire black athletes talk about how oppressed they are? Yeah, me too.

Reading this tool’s laundry list of complaints against the country that enabled him to become wealthy, I have one question: who’s been president these past 8 years?


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