In other words, Trump is effective

He’s known for crassness and brashness. He hits back when he’s hit. He even goes after the media. He’s unlike any Republican we’ve ever seen. He treats Democrats the way they’ve treated Republicans for a generation or more. And the media don’t know what to do. The NYT reaction to Donald Trump is priceless. They never wail and gnash their teeth when Democrats sully the offices to which they are elected. Now this guy Trump comes along and refuses to play nice the way we’re all accustomed to Republicans playing. He actually plays hardball. He slings mud with the Democrats & the media (one and the same). He has broken every rule Republicans have dutifully played by. He has defied conventional wisdom at every turn, proving conventional wisdom to be a farce. The media lie about him. He nails them on Twitter. Democrats lie about him. He exposes them as crooks and frauds. He is the next President of the United States. He’s Trump. And truth trumps lies.


Donald Trump’s Anything-Goes Campaign Sets an Alarming Political Precedent
The New York Times

The past week’s routine falsehoods, unfounded claims and inflammatory language offered a vivid illustration of how little regard Mr. Trump has for the long-held expectations of America’s leaders. Read the full story

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