There is a way to reduce poverty and doesn’t involve government programs

Hillary Clinton has a plan to combat poverty. I’ve read it. (I really should be paid for this.) I’ve linked to it, but I can sum it up for you in two words: more government.

Liberals have been combating poverty since 1964 when LBJ declared a war on poverty. That was more than 50 years ago. Since that time, government transfer-of-wealth programs have cost American taxpayers (current and future) in excess of $22T. That’s more than the national debt.

The results of the war on poverty abysmal: decimation of the black family, an explosion of single motherhood and fatherlessness, higher rates of crime and incarceration, and no appreciable change in the poverty rate.

We have every right to be skeptical whenever a liberal Democrat comes up with a plan to combat poverty, because it always involves government in some way. There is a way to reduce poverty, but it doesn’t involve government. It has everything to do with making better personal choices.

To greatly reduce your chances (and those of your children) of living in poverty…

  • Get an education, at least a high school diploma. If college is out of the question, then consider a trade school or some other means for learning a marketable skill.
  • Do not have children out of wedlock. Wait until you are married. Then stay married.
  • Find a job and stay with it.
  • Obey the law.
  • Live within your means.

You might say this is easier said than done, but I beg to differ. Millions of Americans of all ethnicities and backgrounds have followed these guidelines and very few of them live in poverty. You can blame others for your plight but if you play by the rules chances are you will find some measure of success. You don’t need government, and you don’t need liberal Democrats. You just have to make responsible choices in life.


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