The trouble with false messiahs

Eight years ago marked the ascension of Barack Hussein Obama. You remember what that was like. His campaign slogan was hope & change. He was going to be a post-partisan, post-racial president. He was going to stop the rise of the sea levels and heal our broken souls. And the world was going to love us again. In other words, Barack Obama was set up as a quasi-religious figure — an image which he himself helped facilitate. That’s why we called him the Obamessiah.

So here we are in 2016 and most everything we were promised regarding the Obamessiah has resulted in the opposite. We haven’t been this racially divided since probably the late 1960’s. Just look at #BLM and their attacks on our police officers. The number of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil continues to increase. The news is filled with examples of lawlessness and partisan rancor. So if you were one of the voters who looked to the Obamessiah as some sort of healer and uniter, what do you think now?

Indeed, if you were looking to President Obama to change the course of this nation for the better, how did you think he was going to accomplish it? False messiahs, once they are truly exposed, always turn out as failures. There has only been one Messiah. Anyone else who is set up as a messianic figure is going to result in disappointment.


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