Recap of last night’s debate

Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton with one arm tied behind his back. Literally.

Last night’s debate was as much about what didn’t get discussed as what did.

I’ve heard it said Lester Holt did a passable job as moderator last night. I disagree. He did a horrible job. In other words, he performed exactly as you’d expect a mainstream media and Democrat Party operative to perform.

He fact-checked Donald Trump either two or three times, which would be acceptable if he had done the same for Hillary, but he gave her a pass.

Holt asked Donald Trump about his tax returns but did not ask Hillary about her emails. Your average voter, myself included, couldn’t care less what’s in a candidate’s tax returns. I don’t care what’s in Trump’s return. I don’t care what’s in Hillary’s return. It doesn’t impact anything. 

He asked Donald Trump about his birther stance but never asked Hillary about Benghazi. Four Americans died in Benghazi as a result of jihadists and Hillary’s unwillingness to answer that 3 a.m. phone call. Obama’s birth certificate, meanwhile, has nothing to do with the 2016 campaign. Obama isn’t running for anything and it was Hillary who started the birther rumor back in 2008, anyway.

Holt also asked Trump about his remark regarding Hillary’s non-presidential “look,” but failed to ask HRC about her “basket of deplorables” quip.

Still, Trump scored a major, torpedo-like blow when he told HRC that he would go against his lawyers’ advice and release his tax returns as soon as she releases her 33K deleted emails. I was literally yelling at the TV when Trump made his hit.

The Donald also scored a major hit when he nailed Hillary on her “experience.” This is the thing that always gets me about politicians. They are quick to cite their experience in politics, but experience at what? Trump was right to acknowledge her experience, but then reminded us that it is “bad experience,” that she’s already had 30 years to fix the things she’s proposing to fix in 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s solution for creating more jobs is to raise taxes. Has there ever been a Democrat who didn’t want to raise taxes? She claims that economists say her economic plan will create 10 million more jobs while Trump’s will cost 3.5 million. How do they know this? They don’t. I honestly believe these are numbers politicians pull out of thin air that don’t mean anything. Jobs on paper are just that. There’s no way you can create private sector jobs by taking money out of the private sector. It just doesn’t work that way. Trump’s idea, without getting caught up in the minutiae that HRC recited, is that companies have shipped many of our jobs and literally trillions of dollars of money out of the U.S. because of our onerous corporate taxes and oppressive regulations. And he pointed out that HRC will regulate even more companies out of business. Cutting the corporate tax from 35% to 15% will make America a much more attractive place to do business, and that’s how we get our jobs back. There’s no minutiae there. Trump just explained basic economics so that even a Democrat voter can understand it.

Aside from the substance of the debate, HRC spoke like a slick politician, reeling off answers as though they were written in front of her. It was apparent that she was very well prepared — a little too prepared, if you ask me. It seemed as though she knew what the questions were ahead of time. Ahem.

Trump, on the other hand, spoke well and articulated well, but did not come across as a slick politician. He came across as the guy next door. What we saw last night was the political establishment vs. the citizen class, and the citizen class won.

There are two debates remaining. Trump is going to have to bring up Benghazi on his own. The Democrat-friendly moderators aren’t going to do it. The Donald will have to pounce during an opportune moment. He will also have to bring up the Clinton Foundation on his own and remind viewers how HRC has been lining her pockets by peddling influence to foreign nations and entities. And he will have to keep hammering her on her email scandal. We knew it was going to be like this, and Trump knows it, too. He did well in his first debate, very well, in fact, and I look for him to further refine his technique and hammer HRC on her numerous scandals and her 30 years of bad experience. 


2 thoughts on “Recap of last night’s debate

  1. Holt was a dolt. He had weeks to come up with questions and this is what he came up with as the most pressing debatable issues facing America in the next 4 years? A first-rate third-rate presenter; he certainly is not a journalist and I don’t know how or why he was picked for this role other than for the “nonpartisan” debate commission to have a mouthpiece to play gotcha with Trump. For some stupid reason I cannot fathom today, I expected better. Of course, I should never have done that; there are many reasons why I never watch NBC let alone their take on the “news”.

    You’re the only one I’ve come across that raised this. I was livid last night thinking these same things.


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