Autumn’s signs & wonders

Summer is gone. I loved this summer and was sorry to see it go, but autumn is upon us now and I really do love autumn best. The summer heat is enjoyable, but after 4 months of it (really from mid-May until mid-September), the heat does tend to wear on a person. The only lasting regret about summer’s passing is the shortening of days. I love the long days and always feel cheated after we switch back to standard time and it gets dark before 5 p.m.

I enjoy autumn’s colors and crispness of the cooler air and the peacefulness of an occasional rainy day. I enjoy sleeping at night when there’s a chill in the air and kicking off the covers is not an option. But most of all autumn means optimal running weather. I do my best running and longest miles in autumn, and again in spring. Oh, and autumn means an end to yard work. I have yet to celebrate that final lawn mowing, but there aren’t many left.

Autumn also means college football and the start of basketball season. It means jackets and long sleeves. It also means I get a year older.


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