What about our sons?

If you have paid any attention at all to the presidential campaign, you have probably noticed the emphasis on women and our daughters. Donald Trump has said things about women in the past, and how can we elect a misogynist to high office? What will become of our daughters? Everything seems geared toward woman voters and the next generation of women voters.

Frankly, I’m tired of it. It’s time someone stand up and ask about our sons. Are we electing a president just for American women and girls, or are we electing a president for everyone? Are we concerned only about what liberal women think about Donald Trump? Liberal women presume to speak for all women, but how come we never hear from conservative women? And does it not matter what men think of Hillary Clinton?

All you have to do is go to Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed and see daily references to Donald Trump and his past comments about women, as though this is the only issue Americans face. Let me remind you that American women somehow survived eight years of Hillary’s philandering husband serving as president. And what about her husband’s “bimbos” Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine tried to destroy?

Liberals behave as though women don’t have husbands and daughters don’t have fathers, and that the president, and only the president, can possibly protect our women and daughters and ensure their well-being. But what women and girls need most is strong male leadership at home. Granted, not all females are blessed with strong male leadership at home, but know this: whether you are male or female, Hillary Clinton does not personally know you and does not care one whit about your life.

Hillary Clinton would take away our gun rights in a moment if she could. This means if you are a woman, HRC does not believe you should be able to protect yourself from predators with a firearm. Donald Trump does. Hillary Clinton has a very cozy relationship with terrorist-friendly (i.e., Muslim) nations. Will she allow Sharia Law to spread across the U.S.? We know she won’t stand up to militant Islam. She won’t even call them what they are. We do know that Donald Trump will stand up for Americans and against those who would spread Sharia Law. Believe me, ladies, you have no idea what oppression is until you’ve lived under Sharia Law.

Men need a president who won’t try to take more and more of our paychecks. We are trying to raise families, and we don’t need Democrats siphoning off more of our earnings under the guise of government raising our families better than we can. We men don’t need a president like HRC who will literally roll out the red carpet for those who want to come to the U.S. only to create havoc and take lives. If she is elected, we will have to further fortify our homes and protect our families as a result of increased lawlessness. Free college? Young men are going to college in decreasing numbers because our campuses are becoming more hostile to males.

Let’s stop focusing solely on females this campaign and ask what’s best for males. As a man, I’m not looking to the White House for a role model. HRC is not a role model for females, and especially not males, unless you’re looking for someone to teach you about lying, corruption, peddling influence, and selling out the nation. I’m not saying Donald Trump is the ideal role model, but he’s a much greater role model than HRC. But most of all we need a president who won’t subvert the American family and will simply let men do their jobs as husbands and fathers.


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