One thing we Americans are treated to every presidential campaign is the presence of self-appointed “fact-checkers.” These are typically mainstream media “reporters” — oh, heck, let’s just call them the Democrat Party operatives that they really are — who take it upon themselves to evaluate the verity of things uttered by presidential candidates on the campaign trail, and particularly after (or even during) debates. Typically, the fact-checkers focus their efforts on the GOP candidate and largely leave the Democrat alone.

We saw an increase in this type of activity before the first presidential debate, where the Clinton campaign overtly called upon the moderator, Lester Holt, to be ready to fact-check Trump. And Holt, being the dutiful Democrat Party operative that he is, obliged by presuming to fact-check Trump several times during the debate, but never Clinton. HRC even gave the fact-checkers their marching orders in the middle of the debate when she proclaimed, “Well, the fact-checkers are certainly going to have fun with that one (wink-wink).” In reality, if anyone needs a fact-checker, it’s Hillary Clinton, who has shown herself to be a pathological liar completely unwed from the truth.

Beware the fact-checkers. They have been shown to be in error numerous times. All fact-checking is is a cover for the mainstream press to insert its liberal, pro-Democrat, pro-Hillary opinions and bias into the campaign under the guise of objectivity. But there’s nothing objective about the fact-checkers. It’s up to Trump and us discerning voters to fact-check the fact-checkers.

Do not be dismayed, fellow patriots. The HRC campaign is reeling, and the mainstream press knows this. The Democrat activism in the mainstream media will get progressively worse as we get closer to the election. They are going to try and convince you that what you see and hear isn’t what you see and hear. HRC is going to project, so know that pretty much everything she accuses Trump of are things she herself is guilty of. Do not be discouraged by the “reporting” between now and then. It’s all a smoke screen designed to obfuscate reality.


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