Notes on Revelation 1:1-18

Do not approach this book with fear and dread but with holy anticipation.

Revelation is a book about the rise of the one world religion and one world government.

Scripture is not open to private interpretation. It’s not what the Bible says to me but about what God says to all of us.

Revelation is not just a book about divine judgement but a book of love. God loves us and so he warns us of the things to come.

Nothing else has to take place before Jesus Christ comes to reclaim His church. It is imminent. A day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day.

John, the writer of Revelation, was an eyewitness to the death, burial & resurrection of Christ. He is now 90+ years old and is again bearing witness to Jesus Christ.

The signs of His coming are all around us. God is eternal. He was and is and is to come. Christ is the sum total of life which makes Him able to give life. He is in control of everything that’s in the newspaper.

The seven churches of which we read were real, physical churches. But they also correspond to seven church ages.

God is not afraid of abrasive terminology that might offend someone. That’s how we get saved; we get offended by our own sin.

The Old Testament is a literal bloodbath of animal sacrifice, and Christ later became the final sacrifice for one and all.

We can walk right into God’s presence any time we want because we are made kings and priests by the blood of the Lamb.

In verse 7, we are told that He cometh with clouds. In the Bible, what we know as the tribulation is called “Jacob’s trouble.” Jacob, of course, is also the name for Israel. At this time, the nations will wail because they will realize that it is too late.

He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

John identifies himself as a brother in tribulation — not THE tribulation — but the general tribulation of suffering and persecution.

If things continue as they are some of us could see real persecution, because those who oppose Christianity believe persecuting Christians will silence us.

When He comes, His voice will be like a trumpet.

Revelation was the first time God exposed a human being to a prophetic vision of this magnitude and then let him write about  it.

The seven golden candlesticks in verse 12 are the seven churches. They are likened unto a lampstand.

Christ is the Lord of the church, not the preachers. They are under the leadership of God.

In this vision, Christ is adorned as a high priest (wearing the garb of a high priest). His appearance is brilliant, much like at the transfiguration, with eyes like fire. He is bearing a sharp, two-edged sword.

The world was created by the word of God, and it will be destroyed by the word of God.

He has the keys of hell and of death.


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