Rush’s points on last night’s debate

I live-tweeted the VP debate last night. I’m not going to post a wrap-up of my thoughts here, but I am instead going to quote some highlights from Rush Limbaugh’s analysis today because he sort of gives a big picture overview of what we witnessed last night, and really the entire campaign of 2016.

Tim Kaine last night was an embarrassment, just an abomination, and the moderator was an embarrassment….

[T]he left is paranoid and fearful. They are terrified to let any right-leaning, mainstream conservative ideas enter the public arena. They simply will not permit it because they are afraid of it.

I submit to you that they know how extreme and out of the mainstream of American life and dreams and American ambition they are. … The reason they are lawless, the reason that they are politically corrupting as many institutions as possible is because they know they would not be preferred by a majority of people.

They can’t leave it to the chance of democracy. … They have to skew the game, rig the game, corrupt the institutions.

[T]hese people are so terrified of what you and I believe. They are terrified of anybody who can explain it. They are terrified of anybody who can persuade. They’re terrified of anybody who can sell it. They simply cannot, in their minds, permit the things that you and I believe, which are mainstream from the founding days of this country. They can’t permit them in the public domain, untouched, unattacked, unfiltered.

They can’t allow anybody to talk about the real world. They can’t allow anybody to describe real circumstances for real people. They simply cannot allow it.

The left simply cannot survive in a room where the light shines equally on them and us. And last night was clear and present evidence of this.


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