Oh whale! (Jonah 4:1-3)

The people of Ninevah were swept up by the spirit of God because of an eight-word message from Jonah. Yet Jonah was angry with God for saving these people. In fact, we are told he was exceedingly angry. He prayed to God and explained his real reason for not wanting to go to Ninevah was because of God’s grace; he knew they would be saved and he did not want them to be saved.

1. A bad attitude will always stop the flow of God’s power in your life. At this point, God is going to stop using Jonah until his attitude improves. Bad attitude people are difficult to get along with and will not be blessed by God. They fail to understand that they are the common denominator in all their problems. Churches with bad attitudes are missing a sense of growth. The only people who can be taught are humble people with an open spirit. God is mightier than our circumstances. It’s easy to have a complaining spirit. We also make foolish choices when we have a bad attitude.

Jonah had the inability to separate sin from people who commit sin. If we are not careful we will hate sinners along with their sin.

2. We must separate our hatred of sin from those who commit those sins. The church in America is filled with this kind of hatred. Calling people names has never won anyone for Christ. We love people right where they are. Remember, even the wicked Ninevites were saved by the grace of a God. The gospel is for everyone. This is what a savior does. We are here tonight because of the grace of God and we must be willing to extend that grace to others.

Jonah’s attitude was so bad he told God is was better for him to die than to live.

3. It’s easy to allow failure and insecurity to rob us of our purpose in life. The devil wants us to feel this way about ourselves. The crowning mark of God’s creation occurred when God made man. We are here for His glory. We all therefore have a purpose. The devil does not want us to tap into our gifts, and so he short-circuits us with feelings of insecurity. This is why the devil is known as the accuser of the brethren. Quit listening to the enemy because he will fill us with feelings of failure and insecurity.

Jonah had purpose. The Ninevites had purpose. But God’s purpose is bigger than all of it. Don’t let the devil or other people talk you out of your purpose. We all have value. Whatever we are going through is probably leading us to our purpose.


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