The politics of weather

We have reached that point in our great nation where nothing is beyond the purview of politics. Practically every aspect of American life has been politicized: sports, guns, health care, school lunches, and the weather.

The funny thing about global warming hucksters — well, there are many funny things about global warming hucksters –is the duplicity. You see, whenever a single event occurs, like a cold outbreak or record snow, they tell us you can’t take a single event and use it to disprove global warming. But when we get a single event like Hurricane Matthew, they’re quick to latch on and say, “See? This is evidence of climate change!”

After Hurricane Katrina 11 years ago, we were told by global warming hucksters that these powerful hurricanes were going to become more frequent and more deadly due to climate change.

Except they didn’t. We have had a handful of hurricanes affect the U.S. since then, but none as powerful as Hurricane Matthew. Indeed, the tropics haven’t lived up to the left’s desires and expectations.

So now we are being told that the Paris agreement on climate change is going to bring an end to future hurricanes. I kid you not. The mainstream press and no doubt a bunch of these leftist wards of the state actually believe a piece of paper signed by several political leaders and despots is going to rid the world of future hurricanes, and the atmosphere is simply going to oblige. This is an elite level of ignorance.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday that we will never again experience a normal weather event. The weather has become so politicized that every major event that occurs is going to come with a climate change angle. Weather won’t be allowed to occur anymore without politics attached to it.

I’m going to make a prediction. Next year we are going to be told that 2016 was the warmest year on record. The year after that we will be told that 2017 was the warmest year on record. And so forth. We learned from the East Anglia email drop several years ago that global warming hucksters are willing to alter or fabricate meteorological data in order to fit their political objectives. We are not being treated to an objective look at temperature data. Climate scientists involved in the global warming hoax are themselves politicians and cannot be trusted to paint an honest picture of the state of the atmosphere.

Remember this the next time you hear the phrase “a consensus of scientists.” Consensus is politics. Consensus isn’t science. Science isn’t up for a vote. Science is simply what is. We don’t get to vote on it or legislate it. So be skeptical of your government. Be skeptical of climate scientists. Skepticism of people in power doesn’t make you a dupe or an ignoramus. Skepticism simply means you are a thinking person.

All you have to do is watch how global warming hucksters live their lives. Are they cutting down on their air travel or downsizing their homes or taking public transportation like they tell us to do? These actors and entertainers warning us about climate change, are they living smaller? Of course not. And that tells you everything you need to know about the threat of climate change.


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