Debate no. 2: Donald Trump’s savage beatdown of Hillary Clinton

I honestly don’t know where to begin this debate post-mortem, and it is a post-mortem, because Donald Trump thoroughly and completely destroyed Hillary Clinton in last night’s debate. From start to finish, The Donald launched a constant barrage of attacks that had the Democrat nominee playing defense for most of the debate, often rattled, sometimes struggling to put two coherent sentences together. In fact, if one were to subdivide the debate into 90 one-minute segments, Trump would win 90-0, so thorough was his performance.

In this debate, we got to see Hillary Clinton finally — finally! — publicly held accountable for literally the first time ever for an array of malefactions and a web of deceit so complex that even now we probably know just the tip of the iceberg of her corruption. I was yelling at the television as if it were a sporting event.

If the first debate was somewhat of a letdown given the number of hanging curveballs Trump let go by, the second debate was one home run after another, with The Donald landing a withering series of hard punches.

Here are the highlights. There are many. This list isn’t complete. Trump’s highlight reel is long.

Donald Trump brought into the audience three of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers whom Hillary had tried to destroy AND the former 12-year-old rape victim whose rapist Hillary Rodham got off (and then laughed about it later). Of course, the 11-year-old tape of Trump’s “locker-room talk” was brought up from the outset. Trump initially deflected the tape by reiterating his apology and then reminding viewers that we have ISIS beheading people, which is a bit more relevant in 2016. When Anderson Cooper (360) persisted in pressing Trump on the tape — he just couldn’t help himself — Trump played the trump card we’ve all been waiting for. He brought up Bill Clinton’s past sexual assaults, HRC’s complicity, and her maltreatment of the 12-year-old rape victim. Hillary was left with a disgusting plastered-on smile. She may have been prepared for Donald Trump to go there, but the shock of him actually doing it was obvious. She has never faced this level of scrutiny in front of a national audience.

Donald Trump exposed HRC on her private email server, making sure to note she continued to delete emails even after being subpoenaed. President Trump disclosed that he will attempt to prosecute HRC after he assumes office. (YOU’D BE IN JAIL!)

Donald Trump now owns the Khizr Khan issue. Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq in which Khan’s son was killed. Trump noted that if he had been president, Khan’s son would still be alive owing to Trump’s opposition to the war. Issue closed.

Hillary Clinton will not give up accusing Trump of not paying his taxes, even though Trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. Trump explained that he probably knows more about the tax code than anyone who has ever run for president. If HRC doesn’t like the deductions Trump took advantage of, she should have had them removed when she was a U.S. senator. He also noted that she and her wealthy donors all took advantage of the same deductions Trump took advantage of. HRC was left with the same plastered-on smile.

Martha Radditz at one time stepped in and started debating Donald Trump. HRC has surrogates everywhere doing her bidding, even on the debate stage.

When HRC brought up Donald Trump’s tweeting at 3 a.m. about the former Miss Universe, Trump managed to flip the issue around on HRC and the proverbial “3 a.m. phone call” from Ambassador Stevens that HRC more or less refused to answer, leaving him and three others to die in Benghazi.

Trump was able to draw clear distinctions between himself and Hillary Clinton on taxes — he will cuts taxes and she will raise them — on foreign policy — the Middle East is a mess because of Obama’s & HRC’s incompetence — and immigration — Trump will subject Syrian immigrants to thorough vetting while HRC wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees by 550%.

Trump distingshed himself as the one to defeat Islamic terrorists because HRC won’t even call them what they are — radical Muslim terrorists — and you have to identify the problem before you can solve it.

When the subject of the Wikileaks drop was brought up where Hillary was quoted on the necessity of having a public and private position, she was reduced to — get this — attributing the statement to Steven Spielberg’s movie about Abe Lincoln. Her response was so pathetic that I almost felt sorry for her.

This is not a complete catalogue of Trump’s destruction of HRC. I’m stopping here because I’m tired of typing.


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