The Clintons are not happy people

He’s a former president who was impeached. He is a serial philanderer who is also accused by multiple women of sexual assault. He has become a caricature, the butt of jokes.

She’s a pathological liar whose thirst for money and power is boundless. She is most assuredly guilty of criminal activity whose surrogates have helped cover up her lawbreaking.

As Rush Limbaugh often remarks, she is the most cheated on woman in America, yet she owes every morsel of her “success” to her husband.

They also know (or knew) a lot of people who are now deceased. A lot of people.

I look at their demeanor and have to conclude that at their core, the Clintons do not seem to be happy people. They are nearing the ends of their lives and all they have to show for a lifetime in law & politics is a trail of destruction and ruined lives.

During Sunday night’s debate, a friend of mine took the following screen capture of Bill Clinton and observed “Bill’s reaction when he saw the free preview of his Judgement Day movie tonight when his victims walked in.”

And her? When confronted with the truth of her numerous malefactions, all HRC could do was offer a smile. And this is not the smile of a happy person.


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