Be not discouraged

Don’t believe the polls. They are weighted heavily toward Hillary Clinton and are only meant to discourage us.

Don’t believe the media. They are part of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Don’t worry about Republicans forsaking Donald Trump. The GOP does not exist as an opposition party anymore. They only oppose conservatives and non-establishment candidates like Donald Trump. The GOP is the architect of its own demise. It isn’t Trump’s fault they won’t oppose Hillary. It’s on them. Their lack of leadership is the very reason for Trump’s ascendancy in the first place.

Don’t believe the Democrats who are already proclaiming victory. They are panicking behind closed doors.

What can you believe? Your instincts. This is where your fortitude as an American and your intelligence as a conservative comes into play. The next 4 weeks aren’t going to be much fun. Trust yourself.

It’s just Donald Trump and us deplorables now. And I’m thinking there’s more of us than them.

This all might look like a mess, but God is still in control.


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