How can a Christian vote for Trump?

Someone asked me a couple of days ago how I, as a Christian, could vote for Donald Trump. He wasn’t suggesting I should vote for Hillary, only asking about my support of The Donald.

It was on Twitter, so I couldn’t elaborate much in 140 characters, but I reponded, “There is no conflict. Christ is my Savior. Trump is my president.”

I’ve heard this several times. Either someone will ask how Christians can possibly vote for a man who says mean things about women, or a Christian will say he or she cannot possibly vote for Donald Trump.

For me, the question isn’t how a Christian can vote for Donald Trump, but how can you not?

We are not electing a religious figure, although I submit to you that the left does tend to view its political leaders as quasi-religious figures.

We are electing a political leader. And if you’re holding out for that sinless candidate, you’ll never have anyone to vote for. Likewise, if you’re wanting a Christian leader to occupy the White House, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place.

Let’s assume that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the same except for one thing: Hillary Clinton does not like Christians, she will be hostile to our faith, and will nominate SCOTUS justices who will further erode religious liberty, which has already been eroded considerably. While Donald Trump isn’t the evangelical we’ve all been dreaming of, he is not hostile to our faith, and stands a good chance of nominating SCOTUS justices who will respect religious liberty.

In short, Donald Trump will probably leave the church alone and Hillary Clinton definitely won’t. It’s not the president’s responsibility to lead the nation in revival. That’s our job in the church.

Of course, there are many differences between the two candidates, not just the one I mentioned. The best thing a president can do is leave us alone and let us carry out the work Christ has given us to do. If all President Trump ever does for the cause of Christ is to let Christians be, then it will be enough. 


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