Daily ramblings

The hunt for cool October is on. Finally, we are starting to see leaves turn colors. It has taken awhile this autumn due to an unusually long warm spell. I am not a fan of Native American summers. There is a time for the heat and a time for the cold and a time for the seasons to change.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the minutiae of politics. So much of what we see and hear are smokescreens and distractions. I support Donald Trump because I consider myself a patriot and I supremely value national sovereignty and individual liberty. Hillary Clinton is the very antithisis of both national and personal autonomy. I consider Trump a champion of both. Everything else grows out of these two fundamentals.

I would not be opposed to going back to the days when only property owners could vote. You can even lump into that group individuals who pay income tax. I find it repugnant and even immoral that citizens who own no property can vote to raise property taxes (or vote for politicians whose will raise them). I find it equally repugnant and immoral that citizens who pay no income tax can vote money out of the paychecks of other citizens who do (or vote for politicians who will do it for them). You should be required to have skin in the game in order to vote. Welfare recipients should not be allowed to vote.

Target is removing creepy clown masks from its shelves, but will not remove creepy clowns from the ladies room.

Running affords me close-up views of many people’s homes and lawns. This is the time of year when people set out their Halloweeen decorations. I have nothing against Halloween decorations, but the things people spend their money on I just can’t understand.

A friend of mine observes that social justice warriors always 1) lie, 2) double-down, and 3) project. Let me cite an example. Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of not paying his taxes. It’s a lie. Of course Donald Trump pays his taxes. But she also doubles-down on this false meme. She keeps repeating the lie, going so far as to claim Trump doesn’t contribute to the military. She also projects. You see, HRC has taken the same tax deductions Donald Trump did to legally reduce their respective tax burdens.

So far, Mae Beavers is the only elected Republican I have found in Tennessee who is publicly supporting Donald Trump. There may be others. I just haven’t found them yet, and I have been searching. Mae Beavers is a genuine patriot. She has served in the Tennessee General Assembly for 22 years. And when I say served, I mean served. Typically, when politicians have been in office that long, they get tarnished by the system and lose the idealism that got them there in the first place. But not Mae Beavers. She is as authentic as the day she was first elected.

It turns out that after a months-long process, the Big 12 is not going to expand. So it was a charade all along. The University of Memphis was eliminated from the process early on. We knew we weren’t going to be accepted. It turns out that no one is. Call me selfish, but I’m glad the Big 12 isn’t expanding. All indications were that they were going to raid the American Athletic Conference. The last thing I want is for the AAC to be gutted with Memphis left in it. We aren’t a “power 5” conference, but there are some darned good football and basketball programs in the AAC. Leaving the AAC intact is the best alternative to purloining the AAC’s best but leaving Memphis behind.

We have lost sight of the fact that immigrants need America. But only in very rare cases does American need immigrants. This is why we shouldn’t hesitate to make demands of the immigrants we allow in (learn our language, learn our history, pay our taxes, obey our laws).

Sentences that begin with the words “You should” really get under my skin.

I recently broke out my old iPad 2 for an endeavor that requires a larger screen than my iPad mini. I purchased my iPad 2 in 2011, and the iPad mini in late 2013. The iPad mini has Retina display; the iPad 2 does not. I never realized how big a difference the Retina display makes until I went back to a device that does not have it. Apple’s Retina display really is a remarkable feature.


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