Quotes from introverts

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post — I don’t normally read the Huffington Post, it was just at the end of a link I found that looked interesting — entitled “10 Things That Don’t Make Sense To Introverts.” While the blog post itself was worth the time I spent reading it, I decided to wade into the comments section at the end. I typically do not go to the comments because people can be so ugly to each other, but this time it was quite fun, and some of the comments other introverts made were actually better than the original post.”

Here are a few I can personally relate to:

“Until recently I thought I was the only person in the world who, on starting out of my apartment and hearing a neighbor out in the hall, closes the door and waits until the neighbor is gone before going out.”

“Most of my neighbors are older, so if they see me, it’s usually going to be a 15-25 minute conversation. I miss my old neighbors, they’d wave and smile, I’d wave and smile, ‘How are you Mike?’ ‘Good, you?’ ‘Doing fine.’ ‘Have a good one.’ ‘You too.’ The end.”

“Introverts are not fearful people. Please don’t confuse ‘I really don’t want’ to interact with ‘I’m afraid’ to interact.”

“I’d much rather get a text that is straight to the point of what you want without the fluff and small talk.”

“Get to the point….don’t use too many words…and be ready to end it!”

“Why talk about the weather when it’s obvious? Why ask me how I am if you don’t really want to know the details? Most extroverts just talk for the sake of talking, it seems.”

“Sometimes I wonder whether I’m Asperger’s, cos I don’t see the point of 90% of what I hear. Why can’t we talk about life after death instead of your commute?”

“One issue that comes up is when I am in a small group that is having a good conversation and someone looks at me and says, ‘Sorry if this is boring to you.’ I’m not bored, I’m listening. I don’t have to speak and be the center of attention to enjoy a good conversation.”

“I have more missed phone calls than answered. Would so rather text someone over calling.”

“I can’t watch videos where a man asks his girlfriend to marry him while they are in public. Yes, that is a lovely gesture but even watching the videos makes me so anxious that my stomach hurts.”

“I haven’t heard my phone ring in 10 years. I always keep it on vibrate.”

“It’s ironic to me that what extroverts seem to view as normal behavior to an introvert is annoying. I hear things like ‘It’s so quiet in here’ from customers all the time. Their tone of voice would seem to indicate quiet is a bad thing. Maybe to an extrovert, not to us introverts. I get more work done when it’s quiet. Also, I wish people would keep their private lives to themselves.”

“Co-worker: ‘Do you have anything planned this weekend?’
Me: ‘Nope!’
Co-worker: ‘That’s a shame.’
They missed the joy and smugness that was in my voice!”

“Contrary to what I’ve read, we’re not rude. I was even ‘told on’ at a staff meeting for rolling my eyes…something I frequently do without even realizing it!”

“From time to time I’ll say to a friend or family member: ‘It’s OK to have an unexpressed thought.'”

“Hate hate hate the phone. My phone message at work, ‘For faster assistance please email me.’ The constant droning background noise of people talking at work. I have to close my door or I can’t work. The worst thing is working for an extrovert boss – ‘Keep your door open,’ ‘Answer your phone,” ‘Having quarterly all staff meetings/potlucks so we can all socialize for team building’ – just kill me and get it over with. I love the saying, ‘Teams are for people that can’t be trusted to work alone.'”


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