A solid win for Donald Trump

Last night was the third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was the most substantive and the best moderated (relatively speaking, of course) of the debates, and The Donald came away with a solid win.

I’ve never attempted to make the case that Donald Trump is a conservative, at least in the mold of Ronald Reagan, but last night he sounded Reaganesque, he came down on the conservative side of every issue that was debated. He sounds more presidential with each appearance.

There were many relevant issues that came up: SCOTUS, abortion, the Second Amendment, the economy, illegal immigration, taxes, job creation, ObamaCare, the national debt, nuclear weapons, etc. Trump was right on all of them.

But President Trump did spend some time attacking his opponent’s lackluster record of public service and her criminal activity. He went so far as to say that the election is rigged if for no other reason than Hillary Clinton is on the ballot despite having committed numerous crimes.

Of course, Wikileaks came up — the moderator, Chris Wallace brought it up, believe it or not — and following is a list of accusations that Donald Trump leveled against HRC that she made no effort to deny: her support of globalism, the Clinton Foundation accepting tens of million of dollars from Middle Eastern nations that treat women as second class citizens and execute homosexuals, that it was the Clinton campaign who brought in Trump’s female accusers, that she broke the law numerous times, and that the Clinton Foundation is simply a front for her pay-to-play schemes. (Trump actually called it the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.)

Hillary actually laughed while Trump was describing the way Muslims push homosexuals off buildings. Is this what she truly thinks of the gay BLT community that supports her?

When Hillary Clinton wasn’t blaming George W. Bush for the current economic malaise, she was blaming Russia for hacking into our computers and trying to influence our election. It’s typical Clinton: always blame somebody else and deflect from whatever accusation has been made against you.

Trump did an excellent job again of reminding viewers that for all of this experience in public service she touts, Hillary Clinton has more or less been a failure at everything. She has failed all over the world and she has failed here at home.

Once again Hillary Clinton came off as the smug, polished politician. After all, that’s all she is. Her answers are rehearsed and laced with the very politickspeak that has turned so many Americans away from traditional politics.

Trump, on the other hand, struck a good balance between atracking his opponent, reminding us of the diabolical person she is, and explaining his own positions. In other words, Trump gave us every reason to vote for him and every reason not to vote for her.


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