Do kids not have parents anymore?

If you pay any sort of attention to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and I do because I proudly troll her on Twitter, you will quickly discover a consistent meme in her message. She has set herself up as a role model for our daughters, as though every parent wants their daughter to marry a serial philanderer like HRC did. And she touts almost daily her lifetime of fighting for our children, sort of like that 12-year-old rape victim whose rapist she defended back in the 1970’s and laughed about getting him off.

At any rate, do kids not have parents anymore? I ask this rhetorically. Of course, kids have parents, but have we become so dependent on government that it requires some politician in Washington to fight for our kids? Don’t parents fight for their own kids anymore? What exactly is HRC going to do for our kids while sequestering herself in Washington? Take even more money out of the paychecks of parents for some useless government program aimed at helping children? Have you ever asked yourself this? What do you think when you hear a politician say he or she will fight for our kids? What exactly are they going do? Do they even know your kids? How on earth is a politician going to do one positive thing for your kids without knowing what your specific needs are?

And Hillary Clinton as a role model for our daughters? Seriously? Look, I don’t have a daughter, but if I did I imagine I’d point at HRC and tell my daughter please don’t grow up to be like that woman. Donald Trump called her a nasty woman at the last debate, and it was an understatement. I wouldn’t ever want it truthfully said of my daughter that she’s a nasty woman.

Democrats often look at their politicians as quasi-religious figures. That’s because politics is religion to the typical liberal. As for me, I’ve never once looked at a politician as a role model. I’ve never once looked upon an elected leader as someone I’d want to be like. Granted, there are some elected representatives who are honorable people, but I’ve trained myself with enough skepticism of politicians that I don’t look to them as a personal example.

I don’t have a kid anymore. He’s 19 and voting for Trump. But as a parent, I still resent it when someone runs for public office promising to fight for our children. It tells me that politician doesn’t have enough faith in parents to raise their own kids properly, that it requires a politician in a faraway city to do the job for us. I resent it every time I hear it. Just uphold the Constitution, protect our borders, fight our enemies (we have plenty), and get government out of the way of parents and let us do our own parenting and mentoring.


One thought on “Do kids not have parents anymore?

  1. I do have a daughter, 8 years old. I ask her, which woman would you rather be like when you grow up, Hillary or Melania? Chelsea or Ivanka.

    She is 2 for 2, choosing to want to be like the Trump women.

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