Bell Buckle

The wife and I made a day trip (a half-day trip, actually) to Bell Buckle, a small town located in northeast Bedford County, a little over an hour from Mt. Juliet. Bell Buckle is known for two things: the prestigious Webb School (est. 1870) and an historical antique shopping district that is classically southern.

First, we enjoyed lunch at the Bell Buckle Cafe, a landmark of fine southern dining. I enjoyed the fried shrimp dinner, for which my sweet wife gave me grief. “You’re ordering shrimp at a southern restaurant?” she asked. “It’s deep fried, dear, so it’s perfectly legal.”

We split a peach cobbler for dessert. It was a fine meal. The portions weren’t excessively large so I didn’t feel like a blimp when I walked out, but I was full.

Next we visited every antique shop in the district, all 7 or 8 of them. We were actually in the market for a quilt rack and decided to try our luck in Bell Buckle. We found one at Livery Stable Antiques a block off the main square that wasn’t too costly, and brought it home. Yes, I actually bought something.

Indeed, the mission was a complete success. It’s a good place to visit, especially in the fall.


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