Equality vs. sameness

Rush Limbaugh brought up a novel concept on his radio show a few weeks ago that I have been sitting on…until now. He discussed the fact that liberals claim to be all about equality, but really what they’re all about is sameness. There is a huge difference.

This enables me to describe one of many fundamental differences between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives are actually pro-equality. Liberals are pro-sameness.

Let’s take as porting event: baseball, basketball, football, whatever. You have two teams. They begin a contest with a beginning score of 0-0. The referees apply the rules evenly and fairly to both teams. That’s equality. Now, one team is going to win. It will most often be the better team, or at least the team that plays better that given day. But they both had an equal chance to succeed.

Liberals would take that same contest and rig the outcome so that it ends in a tie. That’s sameness, and there’s nothing equal or fair about it. In this case, one team — the better team — gets screwed, and the other team is propped up superficially. This is liberalism. This is what they refer to as equality, but it’s really just sameness, where we’re all set up for the same outcome regardless of ability and work ethic.


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