Notes on Revelation 5

John begins to relate to us what it looks like in heaven.

God is very much in control of the affairs of man. He makes everything happen that is supposed to happen.

In 5:1, God is holding in His right hand a book written on the front and back, a literal deed to the earth. The book is sealed; it has not been tampered with. Christ is the only one worthy to open the book — to loosen the seals. No one else can open these judgments, nor even look upon this book.

Remember, judgment may be delayed, but judgment will come. When it comes to judgment, it is not laughable. We do not want people to reject the gospel or go to hell.

In 5:5, the Lion comes from Judah because it was foretold that He would descend from this tribe. He has prevailed to open the book because of the gospel: the death, burial and resurrection. He is the only begotten from the dead & is filled with grace and truth.

Even God’s judgment is righteous. When He pours out his judgment He is spiritually angry with rejection by humanity.

Jesus was the innocent lamb of God who was violently slain on a cross. In Revelation, He is described has having 7 horns: a Lamb with 7 horns & also 7 eyes which represent the 7 Spirits of God sent into the world.

We cannot take away the deity of Christ and still have salvation.

When Christ came the first time, He came to die. When He comes again, he comes to conquer.

We are told in 5:8 that four beasts and the 24 elders fall on their face in the presence of the Lord. Indeed, the universe itself is nothing but a handrest to God.

(At this point, Pastor Locke says he would love to have preaching opportunities in heaven. You see, the angels know nothing of redemption. What a great opportunity it would be to tell them what it was like to be lost and damned and then be redeemed by Christ.)

He purchased us out of the slave market of iniquity, sin, bondage, damnation. We had better learn to get along with people on earth who don’t look like us because they will all be there in heaven. So church is most authentic when it is filled with different types of people.

There will be a thousand-year millennial reign. There will be no president or earthly King. Jesus will be king on earth. It will go back to what it was like before the fall of man. Satan will be bound during this time. How we live now will determine our role during the millennial reign. There will be various talents and gifts distributed among believers.

All creatures will proclaim His lordship.


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