If you like your doctor…

“Your premiums are going to go down $2,500.”

“If you like your doctor you get to keep your doctor.”

These were things President Obama told us several years ago when the Democrats were trying to win public support for ObamaCare.

It was a lie. It was always a lie. The fact that you can’t keep your doctor and that premiums are skyrocketing isn’t some new wrinkle. It was always going to be this way.

Insurance companies are bailing out of ObamaCare like passengers on a sinking ship. They can’t afford to stay. They were never supposed to. Even though every single American is mandated to buy their product, they can’t afford to stay in. But they will serve as scapegoats nonetheless.

We are headed toward a single-payer system unless we elect the right people right now and repeal this behemoth. Of course, single-payer was always the objective, where government becomes the sole provider of healthcare. The pain Americans are enduring in the meantime, where ObamaCare premiums are becoming like a second mortgage, is part of the process.

This is liberalism, people. This is what happens when you elect liberal Democrats. This is what you get.


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